Here are several of the publicly available projects that I have released or contributed to.

Laravel Queue Azure

Azure Queue driver for Laravel 4. Works with the native Laravel Queue component.

GitHub: nealerickson/laravel-queue-azure
Packagist: heedworks/laravel-queue-azure

Laravel Azure Blob Storage

A service provider for integrating Windows Azure Blob Storage into Laravel 4 applications. Provides a wrapper for the Azure Blog Storage library.

GitHub: nealerickson/laravel-azure-blob-storage
Packagist: heedworks/laravel-azure-blob-storage

Laravel Loggr

A service provider for integrating Loggr into Laravel 4 applications.

GitHub: nealerickson/laravel-loggr
Packagist: heedworks/laravel-loggr

Loggr PHP

Loggr agent for PHP 5.3+. This is a PSR-0 compliant package based on the official Loggr PHP agent found here.

GitHub: nealerickson/loggr-php
Packagist: heedworks/loggr-php

Loggr ColdFusion

Loggr agent for ColdFusion.

GitHub: loggr/loggr-cf